Your Guide to Choosing the Right Electric Pressure Washer


Washing your car manually can be tiring and time consuming. A faster and effective way to clean your car is by using an electric pressure washer. So, you can try this out and see that using this is better than manual washing. There are many different models available in the market and before you go and buy yourself one, we have set a few guidelines for you.

Types of Pressure Washers

The electric pressure washer is just one among the different types of pressure washers. Other types of pressure washers are gas pressure washers and oil-fired pressure washers. An electric pressure washer runs by using electricity supply. Compared to a gas pressure washer, the electric one has less cleaning power, but it is more quiet.

Electric Pressure Washer Pros and Cons


-More affordable compared to a gas pressured washer

-Can do most cleaning jobs

-Available in different capacity pressure suited for your cleaning needs


-You will need an electric outlet available for you to use it

-Takes longer to clean compared to gas pressure washers

What to Look for in an Electric Pressure Washer

Here are some of the features that you should be looking for when getting an electric pressure washer:

1.       Extra nozzles – you will be needing other nozzles for cleaning different types of surfaces. Some spray nozzles have more pressure, while others have less pressure. The main uses of the different nozzles will be for the following: soaping, spraying, lifting, stripping, and blasting.

2.       It Should have a detergent system–  this can come in handy if you want soap to be readily available when you are washing. You wouldn’t need to separately apply the soap for cleaning.

3.       Stainless wand – as opposed to a plastic wand, the stainless wand is more durable.

4.       Wheels- it would be easier to carry the pressure washer around when it has wheels installed.


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