Tips to Prepare for a Helicopter Ride for Couples


Flying above any romantic destination is always an amazing experience. Therefore, everyone needs to experience a helicopter ride at least once in their lives. A helicopter ride isn’t just for thrill seekers, but the experience isn’t similar to a roller-coaster ride. If you’re afraid of flying on a helicopter for the first time, then these tips will help you.

  • Talk to the Pilot – Before hopping in, you need to talk to the pilot. This will make sure that the pilot doesn’t do any extreme maneuvers or rapid turns. Motion sick tourists can also ask the pilot to be seated next to them.
  • Dress Appropriately – During a helicopter ride make sure to wear proper attire. Jackets and a good pair of trousers is preferred for a comfortable journey. A Ponytail is also required for long hair tourists.
  • Bring along a Camera – If you’re a big fan of taking pictures and videos, then carry along a good quality camera. Avoid using the camera through a viewfinder.
  • Water and Sweets – Carry a bottle of water to drink along with some sweets to chew. Chewing the sweets will help you to feel relaxed.
  • Stretch – Once you’re ready to go high, find that sweet spot and keep stretching your legs and keep breathing.

You can take a helicopter ride in romantic getaways near Cairns for a memorable experience.  

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