Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Cable Pusher

A cable reel pusher is used for carrying electrical wires without tangling or damaging them. It looks like a large thread spool which holds the wire together. The cable is spooled on the inside of the reel with one end at the top. Once you pull the edge, the spool starts unraveling neat and untangled cables.

Courtesy-SEB International Ltd

The cable reels are made from an array of materials depending on the type of wire that it carries. The wires can be used for electric/wielding purposes, phones, cabling etc. These can be purchased from your local hardware store or online depending on your feasibility.

Here are 2 things that you must consider before you purchase a cable reel:

  • Type of reels, which one do you need?

First and foremost you need to decide the kind of reel that you require. Do you need the manual reel or power? The only difference between the two is that manual reels require human strength for pulling whereas power reels are automatic.

  • What type of wire do you need?

Depending on the wire that you need and its weight, you will decide the reel that you require. The steel reel can carry heavy weight and costs the most out of the four; the plywood carries lightweight wire whereas plastic reel can carry light to medium weight wires. The wood reels can carry medium to heavy weight and costs more than the plywood but less than plastic and steel.

If you are looking for a cable pusher for sale, then it’s important that you keep all these tips in mind and choose wisely. You can choose the reel pusher from an online or hardware store.

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