The Best Thread Count For Egyptian Cotton Sheets

In this short article we will discuss thread counts and how they play a roll in the quality of Egyptian cotton sheets. Stick around, you may be surprised by what you can learn in under 4 minutes.

Thread counts are important, but for each fabric the rules change concerning thread count, and therein lies the problem when it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets.

The high value Egyptian cotton sheets are made from cottons classified as ELS which stands for extra long staple. The fibers in the best Egyptian cotton are at least 1/3rd longer than traditional or upland types of cotton that we see commonly in big box stores. 

Because ELS cotton fibers are much longer than traditional cottons, the threads and yarns made from ELS cotton is much stronger. They also have a higher quality feel to them and sport the benefit of your sheets being much less prone to pilling like all other fabrics on the market.

Because of the strength and length of Egyptian cotton fibers, you don't need such high thread counts to get the same feel and effects as much higher thread count sheets from regular cotton and other sheets made from shorter or synthetic fibers like Rayon.

If you are buying actual high quality Egyptian cotton sheets, you would be dead center of the best  thread count with 600 thread count sheets from Egypt. I would go no lower than a 300 thread count and would cap it at around 800 to 900 thread count max.

If you find Egyptian cotton sheets with thread counts in the 300 to 800 thread count range, you should be paying from 200 to 600 dollars for a set of sheets.

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