How To Reduce Website Load Time

Why is it important to decrease site load time?

A website has international reach but net connection speeds in various countries aren’t similar. A good deal of broadband and slow dial-ups connections still exist.

Follow the steps below to reduce site load time:

Avoid Complicated or Heavy Web Design

Website designs that use several pictures (especially those who have specific effects) normally take a very long time to load. Imagine, if a great looking site keeps losing valuable traffic because its Webpages require a lot of loading time?

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Try to be separate and use fewer amounts of images while keeping the appearance and effect of the site design. Bear in mind that text links are simply read by search engines and load quicker than graphic buttons.

Use Only Optimized Pictures

Optimize each picture in editing software such as Photoshop. There are various picture formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc., therefore try to save pictures in the right format.

As a rule-of-thumb, GIF is much more appropriate for uniform color pictures and jpeg (joint photographic experts group) for real-world scenes.

GIF stored at 256 colors should be compact (as far as possible) into 32 or 64,128 colors without including picture quality. To decrease site load time JPEGs must be saved at the lowest quality potential without spoiling image impact.… Read the rest