Popular Wedding Packages That You May Not Know

The price of a wedding package is increasing day by day. The cost of oil and food has increased significantly and hence many brides choose to reduce costs by choosing cheaper wedding packages. However, reducing the marriage budget does not propose an idea to take a shortcut.

There are many packages that can be considered by the bride and groom; suspended package so that wedding guests are impressed. Packages are given to guests to help them remember an unforgettable day. You can search for the various wedding packages in Jamaica with costs from various online sources.

Some packages include:


The tradition of presenting packages to guests has been around for centuries now. This tradition is a common practice towards the end of the 18th century. At that time, a small box called bonbonnieres was designed from crystals or porcelain used.

Many of these boxes have precious stones. When sugar is rare and expensive, stone sugar is served. But when sugar becomes inexpensive and generally many people choose other items such as almonds. Bonbonniere contains 5 almonds covered with sugar. This symbolizes fertility, happiness, longevity, wealth and health.

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Delicious soap

Soap can be considered as one of the most affordable packages to be presented to wedding guests. Soap has become a practical wedding remembrance that is gaining popularity around the world. Many of these soaps are fragrant and beautifully packaged.

Brides can consider buying small scented soaps at wholesale prices. After being sent, they can be packaged creatively. In addition, they can consider small bags or complicated soap boxes to pack.


Another popular item is candles. Candles have different scents, colors, sizes, and shapes. Therefore, brides will always find candles that complement their personal style and wedding theme. Many shops sell candles and hence, you will be able to find candles that suit your taste and budget. Ribbons can be used to tie candles and hang tags.

Unique wedding favors

At present, various types of gifts are often served at wedding ceremonies. Unique packages are often given to women, men and children. Groom and woman have … Read the rest