Designing a Personalized Lanyards


There are several ways in which lanyards are used in offices and schools. If you intend to get personalized lanyards for any event, whether it is a fundraiser for a non-profit organization, a conference, convention or a concert, you need to ensure they are designed appropriately.

Following are a few tips for designing personalized lanyards:

1. Design

First, you need to figure out a design that truly represents your organization. Also, make sure that the design you select should not be too small or too big. Try to incorporate logo or tagline of the organization in the design of the lanyard.

2. Colours

While selecting colours of the lanyard you need to consider following:

  • Lanyards in various colours to represent different categories?
  • Or colours that represent your organization and overall theme of the event?

If you have the answers to these two questions you can easily select colours for personalized lanyards for your organization. If you are confused about which colours to select you can always go with neutral colours like grey, black or white as these colours go nicely with most designs.

3. Visual Elements

Colour of the lanyard will act as its base so you need to work on fine details like the kind of visual elements you want to use. Elements include the kind and size of the font. You need to highlight your logo on the lanyard and appropriately add a tagline. While considering all these things make sure that you do not add excessive detail as it can make the lanyard look tacky. 

You can easily select one design, get it personalised and buy lanyards online.… Read the rest