Surplus Tents Provide Outdoor Comfort

I’ve spent many nights in tents outside of doors.Camping enables the outdoor adventurist to enjoy many outdoor activities.But with the many tents available in the marketplace today, it can be tricky to select one for your particular outing. Allow me to make the choice easier for you: go with a surplus tent. The quality in tent you buy for the price you pay is unmatched in the tent world.


Surplus tents can be bought from just about anywhere. Your regional Walmart should have a wonderful supply of these, (along with Surplus camping chairs and other accessories) with different size options. Surplus website provides all their goods, so browsing this website will provide you ideas on what you enjoy. You may even buy directly from the site. They can be seen from a number of other outfitters also.

Why is Surplus tents better than the competition? First, I’d say the purchase price. Have a look at the purchase price tag on North Face and Mountain Hardware tents, and it’ll become clear that Surplus tents are a fraction of the price tag. It’s a fact that Surplus tents will not give you true 4 season mountaineering capabilities, such as the North Face will. If camping in 50 miles blizzard winds is the thing, go with a different company. If you do not wind up camping on the side of a mountain in the middle of February, Surplus tents will find the work done, for a massive discount.

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