Farm Management Software – Specialty Software for a Specific Industry

Managing a farm successfully in today's economic environment requires dedication and a balance of well-rounded skills of the farming team.

Like all business, the quality of decisions made that drive the implementation of the business strategy strongly determines the bottom line profitability and success of the venture, now and into the future.

Dairy farming and agricultural businesses are complex, with a plethora of inputs and outputs that must be accurately managed and accounted for.

It is essential that both productive and financial records are kept in a reliable format that is easy to access and understand, to enable farm owners and managers to make critical business decisions.

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Other industries have long-standing relationships in their implementation of technology to assist in the managerial functions of planning, implementation, and control.

Although the farming and agricultural industry has somewhat lagged behind others in their adaption of information technology, the current economy and the increasing pressures placed on farms to perform, their adoption of such technology has been nothing but revolutionary during the past decade.

One such example of this is the paddock diary component of cattle management software, which enables the mapping of the actual farm to be completed on the farm management software.

This aspect of the software empowers the management team to record, analyses and evaluate crop and feed growth, fertilizer inputs, and soil tests, weed control, and monitoring, harvest production and irrigation, among numerous other functions.

Additionally, the stock diary component of the software enables farms to accurately measure and manage mobs and individual animals; even multiple animals who are receiving the same treatment.

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