Facts About Cable Spool Stand


Cables and wires tend to tangle among themselves and form a mess which is very difficult to separate. Hence, cables and wires are always wound on cable drums. Cable drums are round spindles, such that reels of cables and wires can be wound on them.  These drums are supported on either side by a stand known as a cable spool stand.

Why use a cable spool stand?

Cable spool stands come in various shapes and sizes. They are designed in such a way that the cable drum remains intact in a place and does not slip from its position even when it is in motion. Some cable spool stands even consist of lateral guide devices which enables the cable drum to be put on the frame easily. 

Features of a cable spool stand:

Cable Spool Stands are quite strong and at the same time are light enough to be transported from one place to the other. These stands can be used for commercial and industrial purposes as well for household needs. These stands are made strictly according to the standard designs and international techniques. They are coated with zinc so as to make them rust and moisture resistant. Cable spool stands are highly functional and can be easily installed. Moreover, they are welded well in order to give them a long-lasting effect which would, in turn, ensure their best performance. A cable spool stand has zero maintenance and at the same time is highly reliable and durable.

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