Recipes for Rice Milk Smoothies

I am on a "quest" to gain weight. Well, not me so much, but my MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) coach would like me to gain about 5 lbs. Easy, simple, where's the difficulty in that? Since I spend 3-5 hrs/day working out  amp; training, I burn every calorie I consume. Due to this little conundrum, I needed to find a way to increase my calorie intake, but have it be functional and actually work with my body and muscle growth. Yes, I could just load up my diet with high-fat, cheesy, sugary foods, but that would only slow me down; make me sluggish. And in MMA and boxing, speed is essential. The easy answer to that question is protein drinks and shakes.

Have you ever tried to drink powdery, high protein shakes? Not to mention drink them in addition to your normal diet? Yeah, not so pleasant. My answer was delicious, yet healthy smoothies. However, I don't drink milk and am not fond of soy milk. So, I decided to try recipes with rice milk instead. Below are a couple of healthy smoothie recipes with rice milk that I came up with. (One is my "weight gainer" recipe, which was absolutely delicious, and the second is a lower calorie option.)

Berries and Peach Rice Milk Protein Smoothie

2 servings of a high-protein protein powder (at least 30g/serving)

2 cups rice milk

½ cup Julie's Organic Sorbet  amp; Cream (Strawberry)

½ cup organic / natural vanilla ice cream

1 cup blueberries

1 cup strawberries

½ peach

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

"Diet" Rice Milk Protein Smoothie

1 serving of low calorie protein powder

2 cups rice milk

1 cup low fat, plain yogurt

½ banana

2 cups fruit of choice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Refrigerate and serve chilled. Makes two servings.

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Availing Excellent Carpet Cleaning Loganville GA

You surely are wishing to secure a lifestyle that permits your dependability here. When that is the case, then it behooves you to adhere securely on conditions that bolster your excellence. Were that not the situation, then it may be rather difficult to get in touch with those elements that suit you. So learn about the service providers whose optimizations are helpful and then hire them accordingly.

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Ways For Movers In Actually Preventing Wrongdoings Effectively

Certain people can be at a dire need in considering moving companies. It is your option anyway at the point you move through locations. Just be sure you become aware that everything can become alright until things do not run badly. To consider experts will be worth it anyway for the bring you confidence that the job gets done properly and professionally. Expect a variety of aspects to get tracked here so operations reach success.

It actually becomes simple once you figure out ways to handle this excellently. Just be sure you have established this correctly though with guidance. Hear out ways for movers Pasadena in actually preventing wrongdoings effectively. You shall notice problems in allowing mistakes to occur here. Therefore, you do ways with bigger chances of success so the effort established becomes worth it. Once those got moved well, no hassle has to follow.

Recommendations should be acquired. That marks at your chance to notice what makes a certain company stand out from another. Be sure a bunch of examples get noticed to conduct comparisons effectively afterward. Businesses shall be judged based on background and reviews. You eventually reach a nice company throughout the way there if done objectively.

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Why Everyone Should Invest In Ready To Eat Meals

When many people think of ready-to-eat meals, such as one from XMRE, they immediately envision soldiers on a battlefield tearing open a bag and devouring their nutrition as fast as possible so that they can be back in combat as quickly as possible. While this is what MRE’s were originally designed for, they can be a very sound investment for civilians as well.

What Are Ready To Eat Meals?

Ready-to-eat meals are meals that are designed to be eaten on the go regardless of where you are and what is going on around you. Many of these meals contain packets that are designed to heat the food as well as all utensils that will be needed to consume your meal.

While they were originally designed for military use, modern ready-to-eat meals have come a long way in recent years as being something that should be a staple in every household. This is because they are designed to last for a very long time without spoiling.

How Long Will Ready To Eat Meals Last?

Many ready-to-eat meals have a shelf life of up to five years on them. So long as they are stored in a cool area, many MRE’s will last even longer than five years.

You can honestly think of them as the ultimate canned food item and there are a lot of reasons why you should certainly have some of them on hand even though you may think you will never need them.

Why Everyone Should Have At Least A Few Meals Ready To Eat

It seems like almost every year you hear about terrible weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms and flooding, or even significant snowfall happening in areas all over the United States and other places in the world.

These natural disasters often leave people without power for weeks at a time and can result in the inability for people to make it to shelters and other sources of aid due to damages to roadways and other means of transportation.


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