The Benefits Of Being A Career Confidence Coach

Do people tell you you’re encouraging? Do you find that you enjoy giving people helpful advice and boosting their confidence? Then you might consider becoming a career confidence coach.

This profitable and ever-changing business comes in many forms. Some people choose to only coach a specific type of people (like the clumsy dater or the stressed new mother), a certain age group (like teenagers), or certain genders. But no matter what they teach, the career confidence coach is able to help people tremendously and make a good amount of money doing it.

A Career Confidence Coach – What Is It?

Basically a career confidence coach is just that – someone who can teach you how to be more confident in changing, or even just appreciating your own career path. It might not seem like much, but just a few changes in the way that you talk to yourself can dramatically change your life.

A career confidence coach can teach you how to talk to yourself differently, how to look at yourself differently, and how to find the value in yourself.

And just like everyone can use a boost of self-confidence in some area, everyone has what it takes to be a confidence coach in one area or another.

So let’s say that you were a confidence coach, what would you do? First, you would give advice, training, and tips to your clients that will help them to overcome their self-confidence issues. A coach would start by helping their client to identify the real reasons that they are struggling with low self-confidence and they will help them to overcome that low self-confidence.
A coach will also help clients to identify both short-term and long-term goals so that the client is set up for the success they are looking for.

How Can Confidence Coaches Do Their Jobs?

Let’s say that you are a confidence coach. There would be many different tools you could use to help someone to build their confidence.
Some examples include:

* CDs /DVDs/MP3s – you create a series of some kind, put it into audio format and create printable worksheets to go along with the audios

* Online tutorials – your clients can go online at their convenience and learn the different aspects of your self-confidence coaching. You can also do webinars where the clients can listen to you live and ask you questions without giving out their name.
*Digital Courses, Study Guide, Videos, and eBooks
* Phone calls, personal emails, private Skype sessions, and online chats

What Do You Need to Become A Confidence Coach?
If you are interested in being a confidence coach, there are some trainings that you can take to help you get started. You want to first figure out who you want to be a coach to and why you want to coach them.
Don’t pick an area of coaching that you need to learn yourself, instead, pick an area where you are already successful and confident yourself.
For example, if you did good in school you probably know the study habits and confidence tips to help teenagers realize their true academic potential.
On the other hand if you are dealing with something like debt it will be much harder for you to be a financial coach because you will not have the confidence of knowing that you are great at dealing with finances.
You could also do it without the training, if you are already an expert on a certain topic and you feel confident that you can clearly teach that to others.
More than anything though, you need to do your homework, research what other confidence coaches in your specialized area are doing to help their clients. This will not only help you to see what is working and what is not, but it will also help you to form relationships that might be valuable in the future.

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