Alternative Islands to check out on the Whitsundays

Before heading to the Whitsundays, it's essential to know more about the islands that are less touristy and not on the standard package tour list.  You may find some hidden gems that will suit you just fine. 

Regardless of what islands you choose to visit while at the Whitsundays there are a few things you will be guaranteed to find and that's plenty of beach, sun, fun and also relaxation.  To find out how to reach these islands and check out some aussie adventure sailing click here.

By taking the time to see what's available to you is a must.  So here's 3 islands you may not have heard of and what they provide: 

Hayman Island 

Hayman is all about relaxation, indulgence and getting pampered in beautiful surroundings. Sound good? It is. 

It is the Northernmost island and has had a lot of renovation work in recent years.  This is an island for the more luxurious travellers among you, where it's premium and luxury end-to-end. 5-Star accommodation is a given complete with luxury beauty spa's and facilities. 

Ideal For: Business people needing to relax, Honeymooners.

Hook Island 

Hook is known for its snorkelling and diving.  It has an incredible national park with plenty of wildlife and on the northern part of the island has the most astonishing coral formations.  

For the most part, the island is mostly uninhabited, so it ticks the box for adventure seekers looking for a bit of wildlife above and below the water but without fighting for space through crowds of people.

Ideal for: Keen divers, snorkelers, hikers. 

Border Island 

Border is another island known for its snorkelling opportunities.  It's a mountainous island complete with a picturesque bay at the north tip.  It's got an official 'Green Zone' for preservation as nature is abundant on the island and mostly undisturbed. 

The waters are full of vibrant corals and a plethora of marine life both big and small.  

Ideal for: Snorkellers, Divers, Nature lovers.

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