All Facts about Buying a Condo

Condos are very different from buying a single family home, townhouse, or apartment building because they are a group of owners sharing the same property, walls, & maintenance expenditures, rules. If you want to live in a luxury condo then you may see at:

An association of property owners or a personal management company will administer the principles, gather monthly payments, pay invoices and administer improvements or repairs.

The following four questions will determine financing choices.

1. Just how many condos are being leased? Owner occupancy will affect finances since conventional & FHA loans allow no more than 50 percent to be rented. A fantastic association will have rules in place to maintain rentals at an acceptable level.

2. What is the investor attention? Figure out if one person or entity owns more than 10 percent of their construction. With bigger buildings 3-10 units if 1 person owns more than one condo. This is just another financing guideline for FHA & Conventional loans. This standard is in place so in case that 1 individual or thing defaults, the whole building does not suffer.

3. Just how many condos are for sale as short or foreclosure sales? Not merely do a high number of short sales and foreclosures harm worth for all condos in the construction but, traditional & FHA guidelines simply allow for 25% or less.

4. Just how much is in reserve money? Reserve funds are supposed to pay for special projects or common repairs like a roof, decks, exterior walls or other common components.


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